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good natured art, stationery, craft kits, & classes.

Bug-eyed co is inspired by the wondrous little worlds found in nature and fueled by the power of curiosity. Our art finds humor amongst the birds and the bees and beauty in each spiraling fern. The natural world is exploding with color so let us bring some of that into your daily life! 


Gabrielle Stratmann
Illustrator & Creator of Bug-eyed Co.

Gabrielle Jolie Stratmann infuses her whimsical sense of humor into distinct illustrations depicting snails, bugs, and animals. She loves to spend hours outdoors in her favorite state, Maine, observing little creatures in their natural worlds. Gabrielle enjoys creating with all different mediums from watercolor to embroidery. Visit her @gabriellejolieart on social media to see what weird and wonderful things she is up to!

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