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I am located in Portland, Maine and I teach locally, at art retreats, or at your own home/venue!

Class Structure:

2.5 hours filled with creating and demonstrations

10-20 participants

$50-100 per person (*varies due to venue/class)

Class Kit - materials, handouts

Ladybug Bugbroidery Kit Finished
LSAC- Art Recess--1.jpg

Teaching people how to get in touch with their artistic side and create is one of my greatest passions. Everyone is capable of creating beauty and participating in a workshop is a fun, relaxing, and exciting way to learn how to make something new or expand your abilities.  


Watercolor Florals

In Watercolor Florals Made Simple we will learn how to take a limited color palette and minimalist floral shapes to create beautiful pieces of art. You will take home a greeting card and a larger piece of wall art with the florals you create in this class. This class is great for the watercolor beginner!



Bugbroidery is an illustrative embroidery project perfect for any level artist. I will take you through each step of the process in great detail, showing you everything from how to set up your hoop, to how to use a variety of stitches, to what to do with your finished work of art! You will pick one of my Bug designs: Bee, Beetle, Luna Moth, Spider, or Ladybugand your kit will come fully stocked with everything you need to complete the design!


Thrift Flip

Learn how to upcycle a denim jacket or jeans by painting on them! We will use the clothing as our blank canvas and start by sketching some different designs that work with the contours of our clothing. Then we will use paint to illustrate our ideas using a variety of techniques to make a wearable work of art that is not only beautiful, but also durable!


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